Thursday, August 17, 2017

Debbie Wasserman Shutz's IT Guy Imran Awan Indicted

Well this is very interesting. The media will of course try to down play it.

Debbie of course knows nothing! nothing!

Legal Insurrection: Grand Jury!

Maybe there is a bad moon rising!

Instapundit: Bank Fraud and False Statements (like a boss)

Total Eclipse: Iron Maiden with Bonus Bark At The Moon

A Can't Miss Event? Of course, if you are looking at hours of backed up traffic, it might not be so appealing: Colorado/WyomingOregon, MissouriSouth Carolina--which could continue on to Wednesday.

Guardian: Prepping for the eclipse in Idaho

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Terror Truck Attack in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Death Is The Enemy: Game of Thrones Season 7: Episode 6 was leaked early...

I do not want to give it away. I think you can guess from the preview what generally occurs.

Moviefone: Fans who watched Season 7: Episode 6 are now sobbing (spoilers)

Powerline: Game of Thrones mashup with Mr. T? Pretty funny stuff. 

Be careful not to poke a hole through your chain-mail

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Separated at Birth: George Soros and...?

George Soros and Littlefinger: Both thrive on chaos

There are similarities in what George Soros does vs. what the fictional Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish does. They are both manipulators.

The media is obstracating the real story in their hatred of Trump, but Charlottesville was a manipulated story: Who is funding Antifa? Who funded the White Nationalists? Who gains from all this strife and turmoil?  Certainly not Heather Heyer's family, or Trump, or America.

To the GOPe and its pundits: Stop being fools. You can (and shouldoppose and repudidate the racist message of Richard Spencer and his ilk and still recognize it is WRONG to physically attack someone on speech, even if it makes you very angry. Yeah Mitt, Marco and the rest of you: Wake up, you will still be pillared by the left regardless of what you say.

As usual, J.J. Sefton nails it: Lenin would call these three useful idiots

American Power: The Real Race War

Twitchy: The Virginia State Police called McAuliffe a liar

The same goes for Soros

Getting back to GoT: Can Team Stark hold it together in the face of chaos against Littlefinger?

HBO accidently leaks Season 7: 6

Who will be Trump's Three Eyed Raven?

Bob Belvedere: Identity Politics

Mark Steyn: Less speech, more violence

Smitty: Thoughts for those accusers on Twitter

Powerline: Game of Thrones mashup with Mr. T?

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90 Miles from Tyranny: WFB's Matthew Continetti (don't be a swamp creature)

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AoSHQ: Mitt, Marco and McCain are useful idiots of the left, Malicious vandalism and the fun that the Alt-Left is doing (it is called mayhem and chaos) and as predicted George Washington is next

Rush Limbaugh: GOP tricked into conferring moral authority on militant leftists, America's mad dash to tear down statutes, Line by line what Trump said, and Never let an crisis go to waste

Hope Hicks as WH Communications Director

NY Post: Meet Hope Hicks

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Trooper York: Seen this movie before...

Heavy: Five fast facts on Hope Hicks  National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster once said he is “not going to take orders from that high schooler,” referring to Hope Hicks.

Wombat: Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News, Weasel Zippers: As If On Cue, Multiple Media Types Compare Antifa To D-Day Soldiers, also, Dem Rep Gewn Moore Calls For “Removing” Trump From Office, Mark Steyn: Domestic Security Threats And Other Guests, also, Wichita Lineman

The Barbarians: Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl

Hey, do you remember The New Barbarians?

The Barbarians song is triggering today!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Is Donald Trump right? Is George Washington next?

Damn Straight George Washington is next...

Now I love Dave Chappelle--and I will concede he has a point. George Washington owed slaves. He conflates Washington with Jefferson in this bit, but of course Jefferson owned slaves too (even fathered children with one).  

Today lefties are going nuts saying that Trump compared Robert E. Lee to George Washington.  Not really, all Trump asked is if George Washington statutes were next? Given someone spray painted the Lincoln Memorial today, it is not that much of a stretch. Do you not think that after the Confederate statutes come down, that next will be going after Jefferson, Washington and other slave holders?  

Hell, they went after Teddy Roosevelt today (and by today's standards he would be considered racist, although they seem to dance around Democrat racists like Wilson and FDR). Racist Eugenist Target Sanger gets a pass from the Left.

The Huffington Post puts Bush (11) and Reagan (3) in its list of top 11 racists presidents (they always like to stick it to conservatives and Republicans--even though it was Democrats who were historically racist and pro-Confederate). This preening and posturing will not end well.

You cannot fairly judge someone from history on today's standards. If you were born into a slave holding family, chances are you would be a slave holder. If you were born into a slave family, you were going to be a slave (unless you could escape). What happened in the past with your dead ancestors does not make you today more or less moral. Even in the context of slavery, you have to judge individuals in that context. 

Slavery was wide spread back in the day and the Africans were on the receiving end of it--mainly because they were available and were resistant to diseases in the Caribbean and South America (people tried the Irish first, but they died too quickly). The left tries to argue this is a justification for slavery. Hardly. It just goes to show that people take advantage of those they can. That does not make slavery right, but that is the way it was. Saudi Arabia did not ban slavery until 1962.  

Proclamation of the Abolition of Slavery in the French Colonies 1849, by Francois Auguste Biard. Versailles Palace

Slavery was a horror, driven by greed. It was also a trap for those who practiced it, as well as those who suffered under it (although it was way worse to be under it). We also ended up fighting a civil war that ended it. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died doing so. I am glad in the West we have moved beyond slavery (although slavery still takes place in many parts of the world and illegally here). I recognize racism is still around too.

No matter how hard you try to appease them Marco, 
you will always be a Little Hitler to the Left

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Rush Limbaugh: Polls contradict conventional wisdom (or at least the media version of conventional wisdom), GOP tricked into conferring moral authority on militant leftistsAmerica's mad dash to tear down statutesLine by line what Trump said, Charlottesville was an organized crisis the left did not let go to waste, Kim backs down but no credit to Trump, Liberals want to tear down the Jefferson Memorial, and Lesson: The left's hatred cannot be satisfied

Twitchy: Little Marco blames Alt Right 100% (Really, no blame at all to Antifa? Not even a wee little bit?  Some never learn.  Sen. Rubio will still be a racist to the left if he is facing a Democrat opponent), Is it misleading to compare Alexandria to Charlottesville? (no, but the press and left will deny it), and Press/Pundits slam Trump over Charlottesville

Wombat: Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Charlottesville News, First Street Journal: President Trump’s “Deplorable” Foreign Policy Worked!, Power Line: Trump Tells The Truth, And The Press Goes Crazy , also, Yesterday Charlottesville, Today Seattle, Weasel Zippers: Virginia State Police Say They Weren’t Outgunned In Charlottesville, Contra McAuliffe, also, Durham Deputies Arrest Woman In Connection With Toppling of Confederate Memorial, Mark Steyn: Out Of The Past, also, When Statues Fall

Was Trump Right? Did Kim Jong Un Just Blink?

The Beverley Hillbillies: The South Shall Rise Again with Bonus Dukes of Hazard

I do get why people do not like Confederate statutes. Personally I do not see the harm in them, but if you disagree there is a peaceful means and method in each individual state to address that. It is called voting and representational government, you should try it. Just remember which political party was all about the Confederacy.  

There are not any Confederate statutes I am aware of in Wisconsin, but we all know this way bigger than Confederate statutes, or Donald Trump's statements following some criminal doing something horrific. The Democrats are trying to make political hay out of this. The radical left has so called mainstream Democrats cow-towing to them. What Democrat is denouncing Antifa, or the violent wing of Black Lives Matter, or the New Black Panther Party?  

The sooner the Republicans figure that out the better. I am old enough to remember Mitt Romney and John McCain being called racists, fascists, misogynists and Nazis. 

I did not vote for Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Roberty Byrd, or Hillary Clinton. I have embraced shows like the Beverley Hillbillies and Dukes of Hazard in my past. I guess I have to denounce myself. 

Catherine Bach who played Daisy Duke

Bonus Dukes of Hazard

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